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Day 1: Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Welcome to Santa Cruz de Tenerife where a world of wonder awaits as you step on board Scenic Eclipse. Raise your glass to toast to the start of your luxurious cruise.

Day 2: Essaourira, Morocco

World Heritage-listed, the Medina of Essaouria is best explored at night when the heat of the day has subsided and its residents emerge outside to conduct business and socialize.  Wander through the narrow streets featuring whitewashed houses, colorful shops and the heady perfume of a mix of spices. 

Day 3: Essaourira, Morocco

Discover the ramparts of the historic walled city.

Day 4: Casablanca, Morocco

Let yourself be swept away by the nostalgia and romance of Casablanca. A city of contrasts, with one foot firmly in its rich past, it is also a city looking firmly towards the horizon.  One of the great monuments to its future is the extraordinary Hassan II Mosque.  With strong Moorish influences and perched on a platform high above the Atlantic Ocean, over 6,000 Moroccan master craftsmen and artisans were employed to work with local materials to create the intricate decorations that embellish the entire structure.  

Day 5: Rabat, Morocco

With Stunning architecture, an authentic medina and gorgeous coastal location, Rabat is Morocco's hidden gem.  With a rich and diverse history featuring Phoenician, Roman, Almohad and Merenid influences, its the perfect place to gain a greater understanding of the Moors. 

Day 6: Gibraltar

Step foot on one of the worlds great icons.  The Rock of Gibraltar, a monolithic limestone promontory, standing at 426 meters and is home to round 300 Barbary macaques.

Day 7: Cartagena, Spain

Roman Ruins Built between 5 and 1 BC, Cartagena's Roman Amphitheater was only discovered in the 1980's and since then has undergone extensive restoration. In its heyday it was capable of seating 7,000 people and played an important role in the history of Old Spain (Hispania Antigua). Spend time exploring this lovely antiquity. 

Day 8: Cruising the Mediterranean

Cruising the coast of Spain 

Day 9: Barcelona

Disembark with a lifetime of wonderful memories.