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Iceland & Atlantic Canada

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$10,995 per person
Venture into places you've always dreamed of. Whether via helicopter, submarine, Zodiac or kayak we'll take you to places few have visited, from remote fjords in Iceland and Greenland to the hidden treasure of Gros Morne National park in Newfoundland, on Canada's Atlantic Coast. Commencing in Iceland, you'll cruise the magnificent Denmark Strait to Greenland, Newfoundland and finally Canada. Explore the glacial landscapes of Greenland's Skjodugen Fjord, visit Nanortalik Island by Zodiac and cruise the Labrador Sea before the majesty of Canada reveals itself to you. Epic locations for an epic adventure.

Itinerary Information

Day 1: Reykjavik (Iceland)

Welcome to Reykjavik where a world of wonder awaits as you step on board and raise your glass to toast the start of your luxurious cruise. 

Day 2: Cruising Denmark strait

See the Latrabjarg Cliffs and visit Flatey Islands. 

Day 3: Cruising Denmark Strait

Flatey Island is situated on the west coast of Iceland. Known for its lovely array of brightly colored houses it is a place of age-old traditions. Only two families stay on the island throughout the winter, with many more migrating in the summer. Learn about their traditional fishing methods and more during your time here.

Day 4: Skjoldungen Fjord

Zodiac excursions; opportunity to explore the Fjord and glacier.

Day 5: Nanortalik (Greenland)

Zodiac excursions; opportunity to take helicopter and submarine excursions. Discover the wonderful Inuit culture during your time in Nanortalik, Greenland. This little town of houses in every hue of the rainbow will open its doors to share the traditions, stroeis and history of one of the world's great cultures.

Day 6: Cruising the Labrador Sea

Relax onboard with spa massage or poolside cocktail.

Day 7: Cruising the Labrador Sea

At sea.

Day 8: Battle Harbour (Canada)

Discover the historic centre.

Day 9: L'Anse aux Meadows

Uncover the Norse history. 

Day 10: Gros Morne National Park

Zodiac excursions; opportunity to take helicopter and submarine excursions.

Day 11: Havre St Pierre

Explore Mingan Archipelago National Park.

Day 12: Tadoussac

Zodiac excursions; opportunity to take helicopter and submarine excursions.

Day 13: Quebec

Disembark with a lifetime of wonderful memories.