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Eastern Mediterranean Treasures

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$6,395 per person
Vitality and a zest for life is never more present than in the Mediterranean playgrounds of Italy, France and Spain. Discover your own version of ‘the sweet life’ on this glorious 10 day journey. Island hop along the glorious Amalfi Coast. Fly high over volcanic wonders in our helicopters or dive for ancient treasure in the crystal waters of the Mediterranean. We can access smaller ports which offer up a whole new way of exploring this gorgeous landscape. From the ‘city of love’, Venice to the decadence of the French Riviera and on to the cultural mecca of Barcelona, every day on board Scenic Eclipse offers up an extraordinary experience. There’ll also be plenty of opportunities to sample one of the highlights of this region, its diverse and utterly delicious cuisine. Bon appétit.

Itinerary Information

Day 1: Venice (Italy)

Your journey into wonder begins today. Relax and raise your glass to the days ahead at this evening’s welcome reception.

Day 2: Ravenna

Discover the Basilica of San Vitale.

Day 3: Otranto

Enjoy the picturesque waterfront.

Day 4: Messina (Sicily)

Explore Sicily's Mount Etna The largest active volcano in Europe, it's in an almost constant state of activity. The volcano emerged about 35,000 years ago, and not suprinsingly the ancients viewed it with awe. The Greeks believed that Vulcan, god of fire and metalwork, had the workshop here, and that Polyphemus, the one-eyed Cyclops, lived in a cave on its slopes. Spend time discovering the myths and fascinating world of this volatile creature.

Day 5: Amalfi Coast (Italy)

Italy's Amalfi Coast is an extraordinarily stunning Mediterranean landscape. Great mountains plunging into the sea, towns of such beauty they've inspired poets and artists for eons and azure waters so clear they take your breath away. Spend a glorious day hopping from port to port along the coast.

Day 6: Pisa

Cruising the coast of Italy.

Day 7: Pisa>Cannes (France)

One of the advantages of our Discovery Yacht is its ability to moor right in the heart of destinations. This gives you access to incredible experiences such as encountering the curious Leaning Tower of Pisa in the early morning light. With a rich and quirky history, you'll have the chance to explore it all before the hordes descend.

Day 8: Cannes

The epicenter of glamor, movie stars and wealth, Cannes is a must-see. Spend the day getting to know this decadent enclave, after dinner onboard Scenic Eclipse, you can venture out once more to see the sights by night. French champagne and star-spotting are compulsory.

Day 9: Barcelona (Spain)

Cruising the French and Spanish Riviera. 

Day 10: Barcelona

Disembark with a lifetime of wonderful memories.